Donor FAQ

  • Is it easy to make online donations?
  • Can I donate online from USA?
  • Can I forward my Zakat to SH ?
  • Can I pay Fidya and Zakat al-Fitr to SH?
  • Are donations to SH Sadaqa Jariyah?
  • Can I donate for a deceased person?
  • What is the donated money used for?
  • Are the donations tax deductible?
  • How can I make regular payments?
  • Where do I find bank details for SH?

Yes! Click HERE to donate via our donorbox, and select your favourite fundraiser - it couldn't be easier!

Direct Debit – How to set up

Yes! Via our LaunchGood platform you can donate in USD. - Please visit it HERE

We do not use Zakat money for our projects, however we can forward your Zakat to scholars who will employ it in the best manner. To do this, you must send the amount directly to our bank account.

Donate Direct – General

No, Scholarly Heritage can not accept Fidya, nor Zakat al-Fitr, as we don't have the means to distribute them as prescribed in the Sharia. We suggest to send it to IAC in UK or in USA

Yes! Sadaqa Jariya will continue to flow and generate rewards for you, for as long as people benefit from your gift. - And is there any gift more beneficial to mankind than supporting the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ ?!

Yes, you can donate on behalf of any Muslim, whether he/she is alive or passed away. Make the intention to gift the rewards to that person, e.g. your parents, a teacher or other person you wish to gift to, then in sha Allah, He will let it reach him or her.

All proceeds go directly to cover project costs, such as 

  • Media production
  • Translation and editing
  • Teachers honoraria
  • Book gifts
  • Event costs

Scholarly Heritage is entirely volunteer based. While some work is supplied by external providers, much is done in-house by our competent and dedicated volunteers. We have no overheads for salaries or management. All this keeps our costs to a ridiculous minimum.

To fulfill our mission, we also need to pay for tools and services like

  • Technical equipment
  • IT work tools
  • Online platforms
  • Advertisement

Such overhead costs are relatively small, and form a natural part of our projects. 

No. Scholarly Heritage is a non-profit organisation, but not a registered charity and therefore does not offer tax reduction.


Give as little or as much as you wish on a monthly basis it is easy, click below and follow the steps:

This way you will be donating regularly without having to remind yourself, while providing Scholarly Heritage with a steady inflow of funds.

Click HERE for detailed info.

Direct Debit – How to set up

Please select an account where can pay in your own currency. We presently have accounts for GBP, USD and EUR.

Donate Direct – General