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Hand-crafted in France

50ml Bottle

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Royale – RRP £300

This fragrance is built around musk and ambergris, to create a rare and edified scent which exudes nobility. Both musk and ambergris are rare and notoriously difficult to source. Royale opens with vanilla and benzoin, the footmen to the musk and ambergris. The vanilla top note remains throughout the scent, like a valet, initially fusing with the musk and ambergris to add a touch of sweetness to the musk; before finally taking the edge off the base note of tonka beans.

The base and top notes surround the richness of the musk and ambergris like royal courtiers to further embellish the richness on display.


Perfumer’s Note

Perfumes work in a linear fashion, the top notes are proceeded by heart notes before ending with base notes. Faîr’s perfumes are different, our composition, aided by our unique process and secret ingredient, ensures the key ingredients from top, heart and base notes transcend the traditional notes pyramid. These key ingredients glide elegantly through the pyramid, fusing with and carrying other ingredients with them to produce an orchestra of scents, which ebbs and flows as the day goes on.
The combination of natural ingredients, our unique filtration process and special maceration technique ensure that our perfumes are long lasting (8+ hours).


About Faîr

Faîr is the last remaining completely hand-crafted perfumery in the world.


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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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