Advanced Level Quran Studies in Turkey

The Mahmudiye Waqf, based in Ankara, Turkey, teaches Quran, Arabic and other religious sciences to young females. 
We are presently in a position to provide top level teachers, however, we depend on donations to carry out our programs.
The teachers are of first rank in Tajweed, certified with a valuable chain of transmission. They are available for students who are fluent in their Quran recitation, but lack the beauty and precision that is due to Noble Quran.
Also we would like to provide the means for advanced Arabic students to improve their fluency and eloquence of speech, by studying and practicing the language of Paradise under a qualified native Arabic teacher. Courses on other religious sciences will also be availabe for serious and dedicated students.

Sponsor a Student

We invite you to sponsor their courses by providing finance according to the following plan:
  1. £50 will cover the cost for one student for one semester.
  2. £250 will cover the cost for a group of students for a semester.
  3. Donate as you like, with the intention of sadaqah jariyah inshaAllah!

The target amount – £2500 – will finance the entire program for two semesters, or an intense program during one semester. 

Fundraising Goal: £2,500
855 GBP 34.2%

How to donate

Please deposit your donation on the below Direct Debit account
Mark your contribution “Sponsor a student

Donate – Sponsor Student

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