Newsletter No.1 (2022) | Blessed Ramadan 1443 - April 2022

Assalamu aleikum dear all

We pray Allah grant us all the best in this blessed season, accept our fasting, prayers and spending, and grant us to ask what He wants to give us in these 10 last days and nights!


You have probably been following the Tahawiyya Course on the Youtube channel of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi. This release is a major step in the Media Project of Scholarly Heritage - wal hamduli Allah. We thank all those who have contributed to it, and pray that Allah may grant us all the best rewards and accept it as Sadaqa Jariya. Read more about the Media Project HERE.


This month, we are not fundraising for Scholarly Heritage. Instead we ask you to direct your generosity towards IAC (International Aid Charity), operating under the patronage of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi.

You may

  • Use the donation module that you are already used to from Scholarly Heritage
    • Pay your zakat HERE
    • Give sadaqa or other donations HERE
  • Or support IAC’s Launchgood Campaign for providing Iftar meals to Syrian refugees HERE

May Allah accept everyone’s efforts these last precious days, and infuse new energy to serve the events and projects of Sayyiduna Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi!

With request for your duas
The Scholarly Heritage Team