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We can get closer to the Prophet ﷺ through love for his family, by serving someone from his ﷺ descendants. The rewards for this is manifold greater than for other worships, and will be given by the Prophet directly ﷺ.

“May Allah bring us in year bring relief from the pandemic, full recovery to ill people. May Allah bring you prosperity, success, and happiness. May Allah make us better worshipers so that He is pleased with us, and better human beings so that we improve our relations with each other.” Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

Historical Hadith Recital

Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi


Mihrima Sultan Mosque, Istanbul
1441 AH | 2019 CE

It brings a deep sense of gratitude before Allah as we commemorate the anniversary of the Sahih Bukhari Recital of the erudite scholar Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi in Istanbul one year ago. READ MORE


For 11 days, the Mihrima Sultan mosque  – one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in Istanbul – was filled with spiritual life  and movement. Local scholars testified to its impact, and it drew the attention of the media. The event was a milestone for the Muslim world, reviving a scholarly tradition that was practiced throughout he history of Islam.


The event was the seed that took root and inspired us to form the Scholarly Heritage Association – an initiative to support the works of His Eminence Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi. Our aim is to come together to utilise our skills at the service of the Sunnah. READ MORE