Newsletter No.2 (2021) | One Year with Scholarly Heritage

Assalamu aleikum dear all

It is now one year since we launched the Scholarly Heritage Association. It has been an eventful year, during which we have grown in many different dimensions – by the tawfiq of Allah. We have been entrusted to organize and finance several great projects and events, translate and edit works of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, and promote them to reach a wider audience. In this process, we have also grown and matured as an organisation, developed new skills, established internal processes to maintain and raise the quality of our work.

We thank you for all your support – donations, volunteering efforts, moral support and encouragement. May Allah be pleased with you and with us, guard and increase the purity of our intentions and grant us tawifiq!

Attached below is a summary of our first year of activity – may it inspire you to continue supporting us! Enjoy

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With kind regards from the
Scholarly Heritage Team