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Shaban 1441 H | 2020 – Fundraisng Campaign


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Some of our video prodcutions are being released now in Rabi’al-Awwal:

This is the fruit of your generous donations. May Allah reward Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi and all those who contributed towards it!

This is just a beginning…

We want to do more, with the tawfiq of Allah – to provide free resources to everyone!

Our fundraising team will be active this month. On In the above module, click DONATE to select your chosen fundraiser on our donation platform, it couldn’t be easier! Or click DIRECT PAYMENT to donate directly to our bank accounts, which will reduce our costs for payment processing and currency conversion.

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Your donations help us to produce media, translations, book gifts to scholars and students, to cover event logistics and more. Most of our work is done by our dedicated volunteers, which reduces our operational costs to a bare minimum.

What we do

Scholarly Heritage serves the production and diffusion of online and physical events of Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi around the globe, to deliver the Sunni response to needs of the Muslim Ummah in our time. Read more about our EVENTS AND PROJECTS

Volunteer based

Scholarly Heritage is entirely volunteer based. Our competent teams provide services such IT, tech, marketing, editing and translation, – without any remuneration. Want to join our teams? Visit our VOLUNTEER page!


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